Q Card Case for Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

The Q Card Case for Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus by CM4 unites your desire to simplify life and protect your phone.

Product Highlights:

  • Comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc) plus cash
  • Durable full-frame protection in an ultra slim design
  • High-Grip Textured Sides enhance grip and prevent drops
  • Integrated covert kickstand with two standing positions
  • Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate screen protection
  • Soft-touch finish allows case to easily pull out of your pocket
  • Natural Throw™ buttons maintain an organic connection with your Galaxy S8
  • Exclusive patented soft-touch rubber and premium fabric design
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What's in the Box:

  • Premium soft-touch and fabric pocket case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Premium Lifetime Warranty

Galaxy S8 Wallet Case: Q Card Case for Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

"If both you and your college-age son like a product, chances are it's a winner. Such is the case — pun intended — with the Q Card Case."

USAtoday.com - Best S5 wallet case

-Deborah Porterfield, usatoday.com

"Lay the stereotype of dads overstuffing their wallets to rest. The Q Card Case comfortably fits three cards and cash in its pocket."

Mashable.com - S5 Wallet Case Review

-Eric Larson, mashable.com

"It simplifies life by doubling as a slick rubber phone protector and a wallet that stashes up to three credit cards or IDs, plus cash. One of my favorites."

USAtoday.com - CM4 S5 Wallet Case Review

-Jennifer Jolly, USA Today

"Whoever had the idea to manufacture a wallet that accommodates an phone, up to three credit cards and a little cash is a genius in our book"

Family Circle - Top Phone Case Cases

-Dan Tynan, Family Circle

"Need to go on a pocket diet? This case will save you a lot of pocket space!"

MacLife.com - Wallet Review

-Daniel Turk, Mac|Life

"Forgot your driver's license again? Why not stash it with your phone?"

USAtoday.com - Wallet Case Review

-Deborah Porterfield, usatoday.com

"It takes the bulky pocket syndrome out of the equation and helps you maximize your personal space."

The Examiner - Wallet Review

-Kyle Leishear, Examiner.com

"What better way to eliminate bulk than to push it all up into the device that already eliminates the necessity for so many oddities: your phone!"

SlashGear.com - Wallet Case Review

-Chris Burns, slashgear.com

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Simplify with style

Simplify with style

We are a society seeking simplification. From automotive design to mobile phone interfaces, our goal is to streamline the interaction of our lives. Fashion and technology create the devices that simplify all that is important to you. These devices become an extension of yourself that you love and protect.

Unite your desire to simplify life and protect the devices you love with the Q Card Case for Galaxy S8 by CM4. An exclusive patented soft-touch rubber and premium fabric construction blends to form a streamlined pocket to carry up to 3 cards plus cash. Meanwhile, the lay flat Screen Guard™ design and Natural Throw™ buttons provide ultimate screen protection and enhance the organic connection with your Galaxy S8. The Q Card Case marries the essentials of a wallet to the form factor of your Galaxy S8.

At CM4 we believe the objects that enhance your life should blend perfectly with your design aesthetic. The Q Card Case does just that. Simplify with style.

Q Card Case: Ditch the Wallet

Ditch the Wallet

When it comes down to it, all you need to get through most days are your phone, ID, and a credit card. Foster simplicity by exchanging the bulk of a wallet for the sleek Q Card Case. The memories you create each day are extravagant. How you get there is simple.

Q Card Case: Credit Card Kickstand

Credit Card Kickstand

Slide a card into the hidden kickstand slot to prop up your Galaxy S8. Choose from one of two different viewing angles to suit your needs. Perfect for watching movies!

Q Card Case: Lay Flat Screen Guard Design

Lay Flat Screen Guard™ Design

Remain confident in your S8's protection with the Q's Screen Guard™ design. The Q Card Case safely elevates the S8's screen with a protective front bezel. This means you can safely place your phone face down on flat surfaces without scratching the screen.

Galaxy S8 Wallet Case: Natural Throw Buttons

Natural Throw™ Buttons

A case should not only maintain, but enhance, the crisp S8 interface. The Q Card Case is specifically design with Natural Throw™ buttons that maintain an organic connection with your Galaxy S8. From the shape and location to the tactile response, the Q Card Case enhances how you interact to your S8.

Q Card Card: Patent Figure

Patented Design

By fusing a soft-touch rubber case with a premium fabric pocket, the Q Card Case has created a new level for streamlined simplicity. This type of innovation won't go unnoticed. That's why utility patents were authored on the novelty of combining these two components to form one sleek structure. In a world of imitations, the Q Card Case is a one-of-a-kind gem.

Galaxy S8 Wallet Case: Sleek Convenience

Sleek Convenience

The Q Card Case was designed around the philosophy that convenience should complement style. The results were subtle but essential attributes that simplify your life while on-the-go. The soft-touch rubber and premium fabric combine to form a surface that comfortably stays in your hand but won't stick to the liner of your pocket. The case also securely holds your cards while providing convenient access to quickly slip them out when needed. With the Q Card Case, you won't miss a beat in your busy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my cards demagnetize sitting so close to the S8?

A: No. Your Galaxy S8 will not demagnetize your credit cards. We've tested the Q Card Case with the same set of cards for over a year with no issues. We've heard that some older style hotel room keys could have problems. But then again, those old keys can demagnetize if you just look at them wrong.

Q: Can I fit more than 3 cards in the case?

A: We don't recommend squeezing any more than 3 cards plus cash in the case since this can stretch the fabric beyond its intended design.

Q: Can I securely fit fewer than 3 cards in the case?

A: Yes. The Q Card Case was designed to securely hold 1, 2, or 3 cards in the case.

Q: Wait a minute, it’s a tight fit with 2 cards. Are you sure I can fit 3 in there?

A: Yes. When the case is new, the cards fit very tightly but the fabric adjusts after 1-2 days to fit all cards comfortably.

Have more questions? Just ask! Contact us at: support@cm4.com.

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